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  • What Should I Be Focusing My Spare Time On? - So, as crazy as it sounds – I’m not actually “in the mood” to create art very often. *Audience gasps simultaneously* I know, I know. How could an artist NOT just want to create ALL THE TIME. Isn’t that why you’re an artist? Unfortunately, no. And sometimes even when I want to draw, I don’t […]
  • Dreams of an Aspiring Artist - Everyone has dreams, right? Some dream of becoming a renown singer, or perhaps a musician. Others dream of “making it big” as an actor, or even a director. Some want to be writers, others want to be all-stars, but all of us have dreams, don’t we? As for myself, I’m an aspiring artist with abnormally large […]
  • Charcoal Pencils Review – Starring Anakin The Manikin - Thanks to my ever-increasingly phenomenal wife, I now have brand new charcoal pencils to play with, as well as a brand new friend whom I’ve taken the liberty of naming Anakin… Anakin the Manikin. I know, It’s remarkable how clever and original I can be. Charcoal Pencil Review The charcoal pencils I’ve now been using […]
  • How To Make A YouTube Channel - Although I haven’t exactly “made it big” on YouTube yet, I felt compelled to write about the process of how one goes about creating a YouTube channel dedicated to drawing and/or other forms of artwork. What You’ll Need To Get Started You’ll need a few things before you just jump in (like I did :P) […]
  • A Great Start To 2016 - It’s already 2016, and what better way to start off the year than with some resolutions! But before I get too far I’ll explain why I decided to draw Richard Gartland today. My beautiful wife has just recently started at her new job working for H&R Block for this upcoming tax season! How exciting! They’ve […]

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