Daily Drawings

For the new year of 2016 I’m dedicated a small portion of each day to add some daily drawings to my new daily sketch journal. I haven’t missed any days thus far, but the year has just started. I won’t be adding the drawing onto here daily, but I’ll always post a picture of one on my Instagram account after it’s finished, so be sure to follow me to be updated daily!


It’s been a while since I’ve created any daily drawings to post on here, but apparently the hedgehog sketches are really taking off! So thank you to whomever may be reading this, and I hope you enjoy what I have thus far! I’ll upload more content as soon as I’m able, but until then, please share and comment what you think about my little website, and maybe even head over to my YouTube channel to watch how some of these are made!

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  1. Hello. I love your hedgehog drawings. My daughter has wanted one since age 4 and just got one for her 7th bday. I’d like to use one for a possible tattoo. I may not use that but either way I will not without your permission. May I have that?

    1. Of course! And if you could share this page with your friends I would greatly appreciate it! But you have my permission to use my artwork even if you don’t.

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