Drawing Elsa from Frozen


Why I Drew It

This drawing was actually created as an “I can do better than that” drawing after I had created a simple sketch of her at my in-laws house. I made the initial sketch while helping my lovely fiancee babysit a few children (whose names escape me). They are quite an energetic couple of kids, and they had me literally running around for hours trying to keep them entertained. It was fun, but ridiculously tiring, so I went inside and told them I would draw them something. They then decided to ask if I could draw them Olaf, from Frozen.

In case anyone reading this happens to be an artist, you know that even most sketches aren’t done in mere seconds (unless you’re just awesome like that). But children don’t tend to like waiting for things, and these two were no exception. I believe I heard “is it done yet?” at least 8 times in the 10 minutes it took me to sketch Olaf for them. Once I was finished though, they were quite happy with their drawing, and even made me feel good about myself by complimenting my little doodle. I would have posted the drawing here, but I gave it to them before thinking to take a photo. It was just a sketch anyways.

But in any case, now I was in the mood to draw, so I decided to do a quick sketch of Elsa as well. I only had a casual #2 pencil with me, so it was difficult to put too much detail into it, but it still turned out well. A couple days later I decided that I wanted a better drawing of her, which led me to draw the larger and more detailed drawing accompanying this post. It took quite a bit longer than the sketch, and I think it turned out pretty well.

About The Drawing

Elsa is a fantasy character from the the Disney movie Frozen, in which she is born with the power to create and control snow and ice. In this drawing, Elsa is simply using her ability to create some massive snowflakes.

**Spoiler Alert!**

The dress she is wearing is seen later in the movie, and is actually made out of ice (awesome). This would be kinda cold for a common individual, but I don’t believe Elsa fits in a “common” category, especially since she also creates a GIANT ICE CASTLE IN SECONDS. So, yeah, she’s not a “common” individual. Her hair ┬áis braided like that throughout the whole movie, but it’s put up in more of a professional way until she leaves the kingdom.

So there you have it. A little bit of background on who Elsa is and how this drawing came to be. Thanks for reading!

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